Chateau Petrus 2013 750ml

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Chateau Petrus 2013 750ml
Petrus is considered to be the most interesting of the Pomerols. In Pomerol there is no classification as in Medoc or Saint-Émilion. But the small surface, 11,50 hectares (9 time smaller than Lafite) of Petrus makes it rare. Situated on the higher point of Pomerol. The new barrels are washed in order not to mark the wine to much. The grapes are harvested when fully matured for the purity of taste to the detriment of productivity. Petrus, tremendous soil, is first of all the rendezvous of men in love with wine; Michel Gilet, master of the vines, dreams of nature without chemistry; Francois Veyssiere, cellar master is also collector of fruit trees in danger of extinction; the winemaker, Jean-Claude Berrouet brings his enthusiasm of Basque to Petrus as well as to Lafleur-Petrus, La Magdeleine and Trotanoy

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